Choosing a DJ



How To choose the right DJ
Hiring a DJ is always the best opition when you rquire entertainment for your event. A qualiitly DJ can bring so much to your party, he or she will enage with your guestes and make sure everyone keeps dancing all night long.

Qullaty Professional
When picking any type of entetainment for your party the first and most inmportant consideration is quallity. When booling a DJ with Mix City  you can be sure that you're hiring a very talented DJ. To put it simple we with the best. Each of our DJ's are carfully selected professionals that have met a stric criteria to work with us. All are vastly expeined with repretions of deliving the best service possible.

We contunue to work very closly with our DJ's to eveove their speccialst sevies. We have a varity of hire packages to suit all budgest and needs.

Music Choices
Wehen hiring a DJ it's essenical that you make sure their music and style of DJing suits the function you're planning. Ask about the style of a DJ and request a playlist in advance, so you can ensure you're getting the right person for the job. Mix City engorge their clients to comicate and express their patuclar needs and rquiremtn, to help advise which DJ will be best for you.

A  good hire company will always provide you with a very expericned DJ who as worked many functions and it versile in their style. When Mix City is requriting new DJ's we always review feedback form the DJ's previous clients and the venus they have worked at.

Sound Systerm & Intaligent Lighting.
When It comes to DJ's equpitment can vary dramaticly. From small decks and a a micrphone to a fully llighting efeects rig. The equpitment you DJ will prvide will be suitble to your needs and that of the venue and when taking into account the space avialble to the DJ, it's a good idea to liase with the venue about where the DJ will be setting up. A good DJ will have an aray of equpitment suitnle for any venue and d
style, aswell as adequate back up equiptment should there ever been a technical problme. All of Mix City has packages availble that offer varous opitions for the size and type of equpitment. For around 50 guests a smaller sound & lighting setup is probably the best option, thease are usallu not vey expensive and work well for smaller functions. For parties held at bigger venues a larger setup is usally required and prices will refelct this increase.

Always ask about the equitment the DJ will be usesing as it's an essencical part to the service. not matter how good the DJ might be, if the equiptmen that he or she is using isnt up to scratch then their abillity and experince are useless. The equpitment used by Mix City DJ's is of the highest spe and is regually PAT Tested.

When booking a DJ it's never a good idea to shop on price. If you want an experinced DJ with brilliant reviews then its a good bet that they will be more expensive than a less experinced DJ. Mix City don'y work with newbie DJ that are untested, so out price will relect the experince and abillty of an accplished DJ.

Mobile DJ at a private party