Everything You Need To Know About Hiring a Mobile DJ

January 18, 2016 rainydays

What is a Mobile DJ?

A mobile DJ is someone who specialises in providing a high quality mobile disco for your birthday party, wedding or any other type of private function. The DJ will turn up at the venue where the service is required, set up all the equipment needed and play music all night long.

Mobile DJ’s understand the diverse mix of people you might have at your private celebration, from elderly family to young children, and their ability is in selecting the appropriate songs to play to ensure that everyone at the event is entertained and having fun.

Mobile DJ set up at a private party

How to choose the right DJ

 A decent mobile DJ will usually always dedicate themselves to being a solely a mobile entertainer and they will portray themselves as being specialist in this area. They have the personality, knowledge and ability to put every guest at ease and make them feel confident to get on the dance floor and show off their best moves. They are brilliant at keeping the energy and atmosphere ticking over for the entire evening.

A mobile DJ who is a professional will always get in touch with you before your party to check any special arrangements and song requests. Unlike a corporate DJ they will use their microphone more and interact with guests and when it comes to the actual tracks, they have all the mix technique and vast music collection of a that of a club DJ.


Pick a DJ with lots of experience

Always ask the DJ hire company or the DJ themselves about his or her professional experience . Its a good idea to ask for specific details like the venues and types of events they have worked at. There is a chance that the DJ has worked for a big client or provided wedding entertainment at a high profile gig and although this can be a good sign, it might not necessarily mean that they are right for your party. Your function might be a small family gathering or a wedding in a Victorian building, in which case the DJ will need to scale down and adapt his or her style.

Mobile DJ at a birthday party

Check out their reviews

A good DJ should always have excellent reviews to help verify he or she is a professional and good at what they do. Always take the time to read the reviews of the entertainment provider or the actual DJ. This will also help give you an insight into their style which will the help ensure that you select a DJ that is right for your particular party.

Can your DJ Be flexible around your arrangements?

Every party is different, some celebrations will take on a completely different format to others. So its important your mobile DJ can be flexible and able to play music as and when required. For example in the middle of the night you might what to serve a special buffet, and at this point you would like your DJ to tone the music down slightly. Or perhaps their are some relatives that would like to address the whole room while they wish you happy birthday.Mobile disco for a birthday party.

How Long should I book my DJ For?

Should the DJ be the only entertainment at your occasion, the we recommend that you book him or her for a minimum of 4 hours. This should not include the set up time, which is usually an hour for most mobile DJ’s.

What music should my mobile DJ play?.

Most mobile DJ’s possess a vast and regularly updated music collection. If required, they are able to play music of any genre or time. For example, 60’s pop, 80’s rock and current indie. You can plan witch songs and style you would like your DJ to play prior to your party. However, its important to trust your DJ and let him or her have the freedom to make song choices on the night. You may as well utilize their experience and expertise.

Sound & lighting effects.

Most credible mobile DJ’s supply fully sound & lighting equipment along with their DJ service. Equipment usually includes speakers, amplifier, decks and a lighting rig consisting of 4 different style lights that compliment each others style. This will ensure you party looks and sounds amazing. They will also be able to offer extras such as, smoke machines, projectors and confetti canons.


 A mobile DJ will always supply their own professional equipment that they will set up themselves. The equipment they provide will be specific to the size of venue and type of party. A DJ will always send you a list of the equipment they will use along with the PAT tested documentation.


Your DJ will supply a full lighting rig which can help transform any venue into your desired environment, a church hall can be transformed into a 1980’s nightclub. The top mobile disco DJ’s use a varied of different contrasting lighting effects that compliment each other. Lights can include coloured lasers, DMX system and LED scanners. With the lighting rig the DJ has the capability to customise the show and create a particular effect that will best suit your function. LED technology has dramatically improved in recent years and the top speck LED lights are considered just as effective as the traditional halide bulb lights. Most DJ hire company’s request that their DJ’s only use LED lights as  they have a lot of benefits to older lights in that they do not get as hot, are lighter and are generally considered more safer.

DMX Light


 A lot of DJ’s us a backcloth, also know as a star cloth. It’s usually positioned behind the DJ to help hide wires and improve the overall look of the entire setup.


Dancfloors are not normally included in any standard mobile disco packages. However, lost of DJ hire company’s can provide a Dancefloor as and additional extra, so its worth asking.

light up dancefloor

How much space does my DJ need?

This all depends on the particular venue. Some hotels may have a dedicated space for the mobile disco setup and other venues may have a dance floor, in which case the DJ will use any available space around that. A good Mobile DJ will research the venue before hand and make any necessary enquires regarding space directly to the venue. He or She will be able to adept their equipment list to suit the space availed to them.

Do I definitely need a live DJ?

You may be surpassed to hear that as a away to save money, some people choose to hire a sound system and then plug their own ipod in. This is not a good idea. It doesn’t matter how much planning you put into creating your playlist, it’s no substitute for having an expert DJ using his experience to pick songs that will work the best at any specific moment during evening. The quality of the audio will be much betting with a mobile DJ as his or her equipment will be of top spec. Also, a lot of venues want have sophisticated inelegant lighting effects, so your bound to miss out on the visual experience of a full mobile disco. Add up all the expense of hiring all the sound & lighting equipment, plus the setup costs and you’ll soon realise that you’ll be spending about the same if not more than it would cost buy a mobile DJ package.

Guests dance at a party

Is that everything covered?

In some venues there might be a sound limiter installed. This is a device that limits the volume of the music being played, the device is commonly found in venues near residential streets. The DJ will be asked to route his or her own sound system through this to limit how loud the DJ can play the music. This shouldn’t interfere with the atmosphere or quality of the sound, as the latest top spec equipment still sounds amazing when used at lower levels. Check with your venue first to find out more information.

Many venues will have smoke alarms in place, which can be set off by your DJ’s smoke machine. A good DJ will check with the venue first, before setting up any fog or smoke machines.

Where Can I Get A Mobile DJ.

Contact Mix City via the contact us page or email them. We will be happy to give you a price and answer any further question regarding our service.