Mobile Disco & DJ Hire Tips

October 26, 2015 rainydays

When planning a Birthday, Wedding or retirement party in London or elsewhere the choice of entertainment is arguable the most important part of the preparations. The entertainment you choose can make or break any occasion and that’s exactly why many people choose to hire a professional DJ to take care of their function.
Mobile Disco is a proven way to create a special atmosphere and ensure that guests of all ages are engaged and feel comfortable showing of their best dance moves. However, before you choose your disco or DJ Hire provider there are a few things you should check with the entertainment company providing the service.

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Experience is key – Tip1.

No two occasions are ever the same, the tricks that worked for one party may not always work for the next celebration. This is very true of the type of music played. For instance, If the majority of guests are over 45 then it’s likely that Wham – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go could be a floor-filler. However, If more of the guests are early 20’s to mid 30’s perhaps Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk would be a wiser choice. This is just a very obvious and basic example of the things a DJ should consider when choosing the next song. Some more variables might be, the location of the party, cultural & background influences and guest relationships. It’s factors like these that need to be considered when the DJ is ‘Working the Room.’ Only an experienced DJ who has worked many different events in and around London can read the function and make the appropriate choices to ensure the night is special & one to remember. So when looking for mobile disco hire make be sure to ask the entertainment company  how many live gigs the entertainer has done to date and if the answer is less than 50, then its a good idea to request a more experienced DJ.

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Mobile Disco Hire – Tip 2

You might have the most talented & experienced DJ arrive to take care of your party. However, if the equipment the DJ is using isn’t suitable then the DJ’s ability’s are useless, no matter how gifted a DJ he or she might be. A high definition sound systems is essential to create the electric atmosphere you desire. Every lyric and instrument in the song needs to be heard regardless of whatever ambient noise is being created by at attendees. it’s critical that the speakers & amplifier are a recognised make such as Peavey, Behringer, Pioneer or similar. In addition to the make of the equipment, the power of the amplifier is also highly important. To elaborate, if the DJ is playing music on a system that isn’t powerful enough then the ambient noise form the attendees will over power the music, thus killing the atmosphere. The power of the equipment is even more essential if your party is taking place at a outdoor location such as the Coram Fields in Bloomsbury, London. At a location like this there is additional noise from near by roads which could drown out the music. The power of the amplifier should be able to produce 2000 watts RMS. Further more the speakers should be able to handle 1000 watts RMS per speaker. Also before confirming your DJ hire you must enquire about the lighting being provided. As standard a mobile disco should be equipped with at least two LED scan lights & one laser effect light to compliment this. Generally the bigger the venue the more lights required.

PLI for London Hire – Final Tip

PLI stands for Public Liability Insurance. Every professional DJ should have their own PLI insurance policy, if this isn’t the case then the professionalism of the DJ and the hire company should be questioned. It rarely happens, but should there be any kind of accident at your party that is caused by the Sound & Lighting equipment supplied then the owner & operator of the equipment should have PLI. This is to ensure that you are not held responsible for any damage or injury’s caused by the accident. Further more it’s common practice for London venues to ask the DJ for a copy of his or her insurance policy, Should the entertainer fail to produce the requested documents the the venue has right to deny the DJ access to the establishment.