Wedding Entertainment Options


Top Wedding Entertainment Opitions & Ideas

With every special occasion it’s important that the celebration is one to remember, and this is even more true with a wedding. Your Wedding is arguably the most special event in you and your partners lives. On your big day it’s essential that every part of the function is perfect. From the flowers to the catering – everything needs to be prepared with precision, but perhaps the entertainment is the most import component of all.Wedding Couple

When It comes to planning your wedding entertainment there is vast array of options to choose from, you could go down the traditional route or elect for a more unconventional choice. That said, it’s a good bet you may just feel like hiring a DJ, someone who will use his or her experienced to fill the dance floor. In addition to a Mobile Wedding DJ, a live singer or band is also a brilliant idea. One thing is for sure, you need a talented professional to entertain your guest and ensure your celebration is a huge hit.

Mobile Wedding DJ

Believe it or not, some people choose to plug in their iPod instead of hiring a DJ. As you can imagine this usually turns into a disaster. It doesn’t matter how particular you are when creating the playlist in advance, the music being played at any particular time has to be the most appropriate choice to what is happing in that moment (This is what DJ’s refer to as ‘Reading The Dance Floor’)

DJ with decks overlooking a dancfloor

During your special day you day your time should be spent talking to your guests and posing for photos, not worrying about the next song the iPod is going to play.

Having a professional Mobile Wedding DJ to take care of your dance floor is the best decision you will make. It will infuse your celebration with some professionalism. Together with him or hers mic skills, they will intelligently select the best songs to make sure your dance floor is always alive. Mix City are here to provide you with a very experienced expert wedding DJ, who will make certain your celebration has an electric atmosphere and is a day to remember. Click Here to find out more and receive a free quote.

Reception Lounge

We all love to dance and for many guests showing of their favourite dance moves will be the funnest part of the occasion. However, from time to time the Anton Du Beke’s of the night will need to rest a little. Lounge area of a Wedding Party Create a loughe area where your guests can mingle between dance breaks. Use couches with cushions so everyone can relax and get their breath back. You could even rope of the area and give it a VIP feel.

Midnight Feast

Later on in the night and after the guests have burned of some calories, it’s quite possible that they may be feeling a little peckish. This is the perfect time to break out some delicious snakes. The unexpected treat will be a nice surprise and will help soak up some of the booze to prepare people to continue partying in the earlier hours.

Canopys on a tray

Additional Wedding Entertainment.

More often than not music alone will keep most of your guests entertained. However, a wedding is a celebration for all age groups, so its a good guess that there will be some children attending your occasion. It’s not unusual that some children may have a short attention span and become a little bored during the day. So its worth remembering that the children might need some additional entertainment to keep them engaged while mum & dad enjoy a glass of champagne and jive on the dance floor. In this instance it’s a good idea to hire a children’s entertainer like a magician or a caricature artist. As well as providing a DJ, Mix City can also supply you with a children’s entertainer that can be tailored to your younger guests particular interests. We are a company you can trust, we’ve been in the business along time and our details are featured on UK-Disco.


A Confession Booth

In recent years the photo booth has been a popular addition at parties, but a coffesion booth is even cooler. You can hire a videographe to set up a private booth and record video messages from your guests. You could edit the best bits and post them on social media along with your photos.


The Best thing to compete your perfect day will be the lighting. This matters more than you might think, it can transform any venue and change the guests perceptions completely. Mix City can provide Wedding party in the eveninglots of amazing lighting effects to help create that desired party vibe. We have a broad range of lighting designs that will make your wedding look beautiful. The Mix City team are always on hand to offer advice and help create the visual impact you want.